About Us

The Animals For Animals movement was born out a genuine desire to help the many animals who are currently locked away in the meat and dairy industry mass production system. These animals, who lack a voice of their own, are exploited for profit – treated from birth as a commodity, “harvested” and sold. Driven by a hell-bent desire for ever more and more profits, corporate “factory farms” subject the animals to horrendous conditions and pump them full of artificial chemicals, anti-biotics and growth hormones. These toxic substances, along with the tremendous negative energies of fear, anxiety, stress and frustration built up during the animal’s life are then ingested by us, unwitting that the saying “you are what you eat” rings true on an energetic level as well as a physiological level.

The results are reflected in the shockingly bad health of our “fast food nation”, where cancer, high-cholesterol and heart attacks have become accepted as the norm, not to mention in the tremendously profitable pharmaceutical industry, selling us prescription drugs to “recover” the health that they helped rob us of in the first place.

Unfortunately it’s not just human health that suffers from the meat and dairy intensive diet common in America, but also the environment. The meat and dairy industries are one of the world’s top contributors of greenhouse gases (methane from the billions upon billions of overstocked animals they breed for “production and harvest”), while also wastefully using water and land resources and polluting rivers, oceans and groundwaters with harmful chemicals and excessive animal waste.

Having never made the connection that the very dietary choices we made in our day to day lives helped to support (and make lucrative!) this crazy and harmful system, when we at Animals For Animals finally realized it, we wanted to do something about it to help shed light on the issue. As lifelong pet lovers and self-proclaimed “animal lovers” (though we never before had thought how our love was reflected to the many animals out of sight and out of mind in the meat and dairy production system that were suffering and would eventually be killed because of our food choices), we figured what better community to start recruiting help for animals in than that of fellow other pet owners and lovers around the world.

As such, our mission is to educate and unite other pet lovers to help spread the word as to the true cost of a meat and dairy intensive diet to all those involved in the process. Please visit our Get Involved page for more information about how you can join our movement and help save the lives of innocent animals and contribute to the sustainable future of our planet today!