How Can I Help?

Educate Yourself on the benefits of a primarily plant-based diet, such as vitality, longevity, decreased risk of cancer, high cholesterol and heart disease, natural resource conservation and climate stabilization. View documentary films that help shed light on the true consequences of your dietary choices such as Forks Over Knives, Vegucated and Food, Inc (for more suggestions, please visit our Resources page).

Stay Connected with us on Facebook and share with our community how animals have brought joy to your life and how your family’s health has benefited from dietary changes. Additionally, if you feel moved to do so, consider making a financial contribution to support the Animals For Animals mission. Our organization is entirely volunteer-driven and donations play an important part in allowing us to continue spreading awareness and compassion for animals in need. Donations can be made via PayPal, and are greatly appreciated no matter the amount.



Spread Awareness to friends, family and other pet owners about the broader consequences of their lifestyle choices. Remember, each of us has an important role to play in cultivating a kinder and more sustainable world, particularly for those without a voice of their own.