Our Mission

As anyone who has ever had a pet knows, animals can truly become part of the family, feeling love, joy and loyalty just as much as we do. Consider, however, that all animals – not just ‘our’ pets – have the right to lives of decency and respect, and that far too many are currently being deprived these basic rights as a result of our dietary choices.

At Animals For Animals our aim is to create ambassadors for these voiceless animals, and we hope that you will join us in this endeavor. Together we can raise awareness about the impact our diet has on our health, the environment and animal wellbeing.

We have a powerful vote each time we go to the supermarket or sit down at a restaurant as to what type of world we want to support and what kind of system we want to contribute to. Animals For Animals stands for casting that vote consciously and compassionately.

Please visit our Get Involved page for more information about how you can join our movement and help save the lives of innocent animals today!